Tuesday 14 August 2018

Rae and Colin | Wedding

Golly - I've really got out of the habit of blogging weddings - but I'm on holiday and feeling a bit poorly so have let everyone go out so I can have some peace and quiet and decided to make a blog of Rae and Colin's wedding while mainlining old Grey's Anatomy episodes on Netflix and eating medicinal oaty biscuits.

This wedding was a joy. I've known Rae for nearly 10 years now - I met her at a BBQ her Dad threw which is where I met a few folk who are now good chums (including my CHUM of CHUMs - thanks Nick :) ). It was wonderful to see Rae so fantastically happy and chilled out, and with all of her hard creative work coming together so beautifully. It was also my first time shooting in the wonderful Trafalgar Warehouse. I do love warehouses for weddings - they have a sense of history and atmosphere but with extra fun thrown in.

Colin has recently set up his own wedding photography business over at Peakography (who I always recommend if I can't make a date) - so obviously my brain did a me-classic and got a bit daunted photographing for a fellow photographer. But hopefully I've done him proud. Congrats you two - thanks for all the colour.

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