Thursday, 19 February 2015

Naomi and Drew | Wedding

At the end of January the weather forecast was looking iffy. Sheffield had a few inches of snow, and I had a wedding in London at the weekend. I spent the week tracking the weather forecast on my phone. I was getting increasingly concerned about the huge snowfalls expected in London and super low temperatures ... bad enough to disrupt rail and roads. Should I head down a couple of days early? Pack the car with duvets and provisions? And what should I wear? These temperatures seemed really quite cold. Would the camera even cope or just frost over?

Well, turns out I'd been tracking the weather for London, Canada. The weather in London, England was going to be just fine. There was no snow to be found. So I was able to get to and enjoy the day without hitch. A forehead slapping phew.

The day itself was lovely. I'd met Naomi at a few other weddings over the years and I knew she was a beautiful human being. I also knew this crowd did weddings really well. The bride and groom were beaming, the service was joyous, the speeches both hilarious and poignant.

A few of my favourite things:

Modern technology. Thanks to some wizardry the service was live-streamed to folk who couldn't make the day itself, including some of Drews Aussie contingent.

The first dance. Well it started off as a slow sway to "I've had the time of my life", before Naomi's hens flash mobbed the dance floor with a group routine of Saturday Night Fever, and THEN the boys zombied their way onto the floor to terrorise the girls for the Thriller finale. Fabulous!

Emotion. It's easy to think that weddings are purely joyous affairs, but I've been to my fair share where there's loss or struggle tucked in amongst the jollification. We all have real lives to contend with even at a big celebration. This was true here too and I loved how that reality was included and held throughout the day.

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  1. Absolutely spectacular! You clever lady. These are just amazing. Han Rich


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