Thursday, 7 November 2013

Chinelo and Chris | The Wedding

It's always a treat when a wedding has something different about it. Chinelo and Chris's big day certainly had that, with all sorts of Nigerian colours, outfits and traditions making their way into the proceedings (along with a few New Zealand ones for good measure). 

The Igbo women of Chinelo's family were quite something, leading the service in some singing, aiding a procession into the meal of the bride and grooms family, plus performing a dance in the evening. They were wonderful to watch. Though I sometimes had to abandon my usual candid style as these women wanted to look into the lens and knew just how they wanted to pose. It's always good to be thrown out of your usual way :).

Chinelo is such a stunner, and so quick to break into a hearty laugh. Photographing her all day was quite the delight. And it was a joy to spend time with these two being celebrated all round.

I'm keen to get this post live, so am going to cease wittering and get the photos up. Enjoy.

  All images ©KateCooperPhotography2013

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