Sunday, 22 May 2011

Amy and John's weekend wedding

I used to work with Amy, and it was no surprise when we met up and she told me that her wedding plans were to pile a hundred of their friends and family into cottages for a whole weekend ending with the wedding on the Sunday. Hat's off! Planning a wedding is impressive enough, but to make that a catered weekend away for a hundred - well that requires an Amy. 

Some of my favourite things:
1) The getting ready. There were eight bridesmaids getting ready from the one cottage and the getting ready was a huge communal effort with everyone's stuff piled onto one enormous king-size bed and everyone helping each other curl hair, do make-up, paint nails and all the rest. It was a pleasure to be welcomed into that space and be one of the girls.

2) Seeing everyone muck in with making things happen. There were a few troopers in particular who worked very hard getting through their packs of details, but people seemed to chip in when needed to have everything running to plan. Whenever I see this sort of thing it challenges that bit of me that's not so good at asking for help - so I really enjoy watching it in action.

3) Bravery in the face of the necessary. At the request of the bride and groom, all the lads and lasses from the bridal party made it onto the bouncy castle in what could have been quite an exposing jaunt. Thankfully modesty remained intact in amongst the many giggles.

4) The relaxed atmosphere. Having people already on site meant this felt like quite the village affair, getting ready together, popping round next door for straighteners, nipping indoors for a post service cuppa, somewhere for young and old to have an afternoon snooze. Lovely.

Congrats Mr and Mrs! Well done on making it happen, and all the best for what follows from here.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Sneaky peek of Amy and John

Just an initial favourite from yesterday's wedding ... more to come.

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