Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sarah and Mike | Wedding

Sarah and Mike's wedding took me back to some of my favourite places (Surprise view and the Maynard) but started off in a bit of Sheffield I don't know at all (Norton, including its fabulous church). Getting from one to the other turned out to be a bit of a saga when my sat nav wouldn't switch on and my phone had no reception for using google maps. So while Sarah and Mike took off in their car and waited at the top of the rocks me, I sheepishly retraced my steps back to a bit of Sheffield I knew how to get to Grindelford from. To top it all, their wedding car wouldn't restart once they were there, leaving them a bit stranded and worried that they were missing the whole of their reception. All ended well eventually, I got there in time to get some photos on the rocks where the sky was being gorgeous, the car got itself moving again, and the guests hadn't all arrived at the reception by the time Sarah and Mike arrived anyway. Oh weddings and their capacity for mini-dramas.

Anyway -- a few of my favourite things:

Sarah is a teacher and the children from her school had made all manner of creative congratulations cards which were displayed at the reception. They showed a lot of appreciation and ingenuity (as well as a great deal of cuteness in some of the messages inside).

Sarah had told me how her Dad's house had been a bit of a work in progress in the run up to the wedding day - a decorating project on a grand scale. Well the boy done good and had it all finished in time for the big day and it looked marvellous - even complementing the colour scheme of the bridesmaids :)

Mike's niece was the cutest thing ever. I'm always impressed with kids at weddings, they often seem to handle the strangeness of a new experience really well, and Mike's niece was no exception. She was very cute with the camera and mesmerised by the lights on the dance floor.

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