Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Everett's Fathers Day

Meet Matt and his daughter Zin. For Father's day they frolicked about while I took pictures.

Oh and Helen?? Well she's getting married to Matt in about 241 hours (so she calculated).

It's all a little bit exciting!

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sheffield Magistrates Marvellous Guild of Moustached Gentlemen

Meet Hugh. Twice in his life he has grown a moustache. Both times have been for my birthday. I am indeed honoured and blessed.

But two brief birthday-based moustache outings have not been enough for him, no indeed. Alongside his esteemed work colleagues at the Magistrates court, Hugh has joined together with a band of merry men across the globe to sprout sponsored facial hair for the month of November (Movember, if you will). And so The Sheffield Magistrates Marvellous Guild of Moustached Gentlemen is born - albeit minus the moustaches since it is only October.

Each Marvellous Man will begin November clean shaven only to sit back and watch as the majesty of nature unfolds her beauty onto the upper lip of each stately Gent.

To spruce up their JustGiving page, Hugh popped over for a quick photoshoot using an array of fake tashes. We plotted and hatched photographic plans for the real tashes once they venture forth from their subterranean  be-lipped enclave. I can almost taste your anticipation and delight.

So should you fancy giving, not only to raise money for the stirling work of Amnesty International UK, but to also raise the general chap-esque tone of Sheffield Magistrates Court, then your generosity need only be one click away.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2010

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sarah and Fintan's Sheffield Wedding

This is Sarah and Fintan, the most laid-back couple I think I've ever met. They were the first people to ask me to do their photos - and along the whole process always seemed so chilled out about the whole thing. Given that they asked me in February for a September wedding, they ended up being wedding number 4 ... but it felt like a milestone all the same.

I managed to battle through a heavy cold that had knocked me out the day before. Thanks Be to the power of strong flu medicine. Tis good to know these things work!

So ... a few of my favourite things.

1) It was fun being able to turn up at the girls house with tidings of how the boys were doing, having seen them just beforehand for some boys-getting-ready shots. I'm not sure I'll attempt this again as it added another stage of running around - but it was fun all the same! 

2) The atmosphere created by these two - their easygoing natures seemed to spill out into the whole day creating a relaxed environment - guests were commenting on this too.

3) The way we did the group-shots. I had to convince these two to have any at all - not something I ever anticipated doing. In the spirit of not letting group shots rule the day we did immediate family and bridal party straight after the service in about 5 minutes flat, and then did wider family and friends after the meal while the room was being set up for dancing. It worked so well - no-one was kept around getting hungry, the bride and groom had time with their guests and there was just less pressure all round.

4) The speeches. The bridal party are still grieving the recent loss of a close friend and family member. This whole experience was spoken of so tenderly on what was always going to be a poignant day. The speeches held together the reality of the sadness alongside the joy of the occasion without either denying the other.

So, congratulations Mr and Mrs Walker. Thanks for taking a chance.

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Friday, 8 October 2010

Amy and Dan's Leicestershire Wedding

Wedding the Third - not for Amy and Dan - for me. 

Amy's sister used to houseshare with my husband, and she introduced us over email when Amy was looking for a photographer for her August wedding. Never have I been so daunted as on hearing 'yeah neither of us ever really like photos of us'. No pressure then. 

So we met up and did a pre-shoot in the Yorkshire sculpture park where Dan had proposed (which I will post up in a few weeks) and I heard all about the gorgeous farmhouse wedding being planned.

August promised another rainy day. August managed better. Hurrah! 

A few of my favourite things from the day:

1) Diverting from the mornings timetable to dig out Amy's parents wedding photos before getting ready. It was a lovely spontaneous idea and Amy's Dad even dug out his rather fetching pink wedding tie. There should be more floral pink tie/stipey green t-shirt combos. 

2) The shoes. I feel like such a girl saying that. But what can I say, I really loved the shoes and how they went with the fishtail dress and the 50's elegance of Amy's hair.

3) DIY touches. There were quite a few but my favourites were Amy's homemade bunting hanging over the cobbled avenue, and Amy's mum's homemade jam for favours. I had some on my toast this morning. 

4) The dancing. Oh Boy. Sometimes weddings involve dragging people reluctantly onto an empty dancefloor while they obligingly sway about before sitting down again. Not here. Not by a long shot. Some priceless moves - some glorious singing - a night well and truly danced away.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2010

Friday, 1 October 2010

Anna and Pete's Sheffield Wedding

Now for something a little more recent - Anna and Pete getting married on 21st August. I met Anna and Pete through a mutual friend and as this was only my second wedding I was more than a little nervous. 

After a week of it threatening to rain, we were able to stick with the plan and walk from the church to the reception. The service was held at Anna and Pete's church, St Mark's Broomhill, and the reception held at The Edge, Sheffield University surrounded by the accommodation that both Anna, her friends and her Dad had lived in while at University.

Here are a few of my favourite things:

1) The 40piece choir during the service - what a sound! I love choirs at the best of times but when they make up 20% of the voices in a service the effect is something spectacular. Anna and Pete have both belonged to various choirs and they all came together to mark the occasion.

2) The walk to the reception - including the brides pink welly crocs and the wooden handled umbrellas. I liked the energy created by walking especially for leap-frogging bollards and general frolicking about.

3) The Von-Trapp family moment where the top table broke into a multi-part harmony in order to sing grace before the meal.

4) The speeches. This was the first wedding where I didn't already know the couple, so the speeches took on a new meaning for me. This was a chance to overhear more about both of them and I was especially bowled over by the sense of community surrounding these two.

5) Anna's home-made dress. Yes folks, made by the bride herself. Now I'm always one for individual touches and getting stuck in with the arts and crafts, but making your own dress is another level. Very very impressed.

Anyway - enough chat - photos.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2010