Friday, 1 October 2010

Anna and Pete's Sheffield Wedding

Now for something a little more recent - Anna and Pete getting married on 21st August. I met Anna and Pete through a mutual friend and as this was only my second wedding I was more than a little nervous. 

After a week of it threatening to rain, we were able to stick with the plan and walk from the church to the reception. The service was held at Anna and Pete's church, St Mark's Broomhill, and the reception held at The Edge, Sheffield University surrounded by the accommodation that both Anna, her friends and her Dad had lived in while at University.

Here are a few of my favourite things:

1) The 40piece choir during the service - what a sound! I love choirs at the best of times but when they make up 20% of the voices in a service the effect is something spectacular. Anna and Pete have both belonged to various choirs and they all came together to mark the occasion.

2) The walk to the reception - including the brides pink welly crocs and the wooden handled umbrellas. I liked the energy created by walking especially for leap-frogging bollards and general frolicking about.

3) The Von-Trapp family moment where the top table broke into a multi-part harmony in order to sing grace before the meal.

4) The speeches. This was the first wedding where I didn't already know the couple, so the speeches took on a new meaning for me. This was a chance to overhear more about both of them and I was especially bowled over by the sense of community surrounding these two.

5) Anna's home-made dress. Yes folks, made by the bride herself. Now I'm always one for individual touches and getting stuck in with the arts and crafts, but making your own dress is another level. Very very impressed.

Anyway - enough chat - photos.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2010


  1. What fantastic photos- we could not be there sadly but it seems to me to capture the fun of the occasion and everyones obvious enjoyment and happiness. Brilliant. Helen

  2. These photos are lovely and really show how much fun the wedding was! Anna C

  3. Amazing photos capturing a fabulous day
    We especially like the mid air leapfrogging !

  4. What beautiful photos! Shows you didn't need to feel nervous! Jen xx

  5. Thanks everyone. Will probably still feel a bit nervous though Jen :)