Thursday, 6 August 2015

Olly and Bryony | Wedding

I enjoyed Olly and Bryony's day so much. First off I was welcomed into the family house like I was one of the clan, everyone was so lovely and welcoming especially Bryony's mum Jenny. 

The house was the setting for the reception and Jenny had worked so hard preparing for the day, tending the garden, growing all the flowers that were used for bouquets and table decorations, gathering all the vases and table clothes from charity shops - yet she was totally calm and able to kick back and enjoy the day wholeheartedly and also host beautifully. I felt very included. 

I loved hanging out with Olly and Bryony who I'd only met the month before. They were beaming all day, loved by everyone around them and really easy to get to know and laugh with. They were so relaxed and laid back about everything which set a lovely atmosphere for everyone else and put me totally at ease.

At dinner I was sat on the naughty table with some of Olly's university friends. They started a sweepstake for the length of the speeches, the winner was pretty much decided before the first speech was over thanks to Bryony's dad Simon whose natural shyness and wallflower sensibilities ( ;) )had him racking up 38minutes all on his own. Great fodder for me as he kept the crowd entertained. 

There's usually a slow hour at weddings where there's not much new to see and things are getting turned around for the evening ... but instead this time was put to good use photographing the handstands of the chums I'd met at dinner (apparently a tradition from a previous wedding, though this time it involved less broken crockery) ... and then getting roped into joining in. Time well spent. 

Oh and another little detail that pleased me .. hearing a church organ playing the hobbits theme from Lord of the Rings during the signing of the register. This made me smile.

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