Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Teresa and Andy | Wedding

I met Teresa two years ago at Sam and Lisa's wedding when Teresa was a bridesmaid. I was really happy to be asked back for Teresa and Andy's wedding last weekend out in Cheshire. The ceremony was in St Peter's in Hazel Grove before we headed over to Mottram Hall.

I had a really fun day, the guests were in fine fettle with plenty of laughter everywhere I looked, and a wide eyed flower girl to amuse me with her cuteness.

It might have driven Teresa crazy but I do love a long veil on a windy day! They constantly give flight with the smallest gust of wind and is always worth keeping the camera pointed in that direction.

Teresa and Andy got a caricature done on the day they got engaged, so to make a tradition of it they hired Chris from wittypics to draw pictures of the guests in the evening. It was a really fun idea and I was really impressed with the likenesses.

Oh and I love my new computer for enabling me to edit this in a gazillionth of the time it used to take me. Some things are just worth the extra investment. Woop.

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2015