Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Karl and Lindsay | The Wedding

Just as the summer began turning into Autumn was my final wedding of the season - that of Karl and Lindsay. Lindsay used to live in a houseshare with my husband, many moons ago, and we got to know the both of them then - in the midst of PhDness. Now they are both settled in Holland (hence the enormous papier mache Gift Clog - in case you were wondering) and came back to Blighty to tie the knot in the sumptuous Bletchley Park.

So - a few of my favourite things:

1) The newly created family tradition. I shot the photos for Lindsay's sister last year and on that morning their Dad dug out the pink flowery tie he'd worn to his wedding. Well it made another appearance! I do like a tradition and was quite delighted this became one.

2) The completion. The house Dan and Lindsay were in was quite a houseshare, 7 rooms, 2001-2004 and called The Commune. It was somewhat daunting for those of us dating someone inside it! But as Dan remarked - he remembered when Lindsay and Karl first got together, and felt very privileged to be there to see them get married (or as he put it to Lindsay - to be there at the beginning and the end - which doesn't sound quite right!).

3) The Jukebox - a great idea for the end of evening dancing. But it does leave the playlist in the hands of guests - see if you can guess which photo shows Lindsay's reaction to the Macarena being chosen...

On which note, why not pop that on now while you peruse the highlights.

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