Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Travel | Budapest

A recent trip to Budapest: City of Yellow.

I do enjoy a photo walk to interpret my environment - and on a recent trip to Budapest what jumped out at me was how much yellow there was everywhere. I had fun collecting the colour and collating the images together.

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Family Hafvenstein | Portrait

My godson Caleb became a big brother a couple of weeks ago so last week I zipped down to London to meet the new bairn and take a few pics of the growing family. It was an amazingly serene environment - helped by having Auntie Kir over from America to help out for a bit.

It's always super lovely to get to meet little people at their littlest - change happens so quickly - welcome to the world little one.

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Amy and Andy | Portrait

Ooh  hasn't the weather been lovely - and Saturday evening was a fine time for a stroll in Ecclesall Woods with Amy, Andy and Enzo the excitable schnauzer. It was a grand time of year for it too with bluebells out in abundance. Amy and Andy get married in a couple of weeks so this was a little warm up for the occasion. Alas Enzo wont be there - his spiritedness might be a bit too much for a white dress and lots of people. My campaign for more woofs at weddings falls at the first attempt :)

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lou | Birthday

Last night I had the pleasure of being given as a surprise present to Lou as she celebrated her 50th birthday. Alas I didn't get to jump out of a cake - maybe next time. I do enjoy a good surprise - so I was pleased to conspire during the week with guest Mark after spending time with him and his family last month. I really enjoyed spending some time with Lou and her friends settling in to what promised to be a very jolly evening of celebration. It was a glorious evening to spend on the terrace of Brasserie 44 overlooking the River Aire in Leeds. The evening sun was glowing nearly as much as all these lovely folk who seemed to beam with friendship and love for one another.

Happy Birthday Lou! 

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014