Monday, 12 May 2014

Joanna and Carl | The Wedding

Joanna and Carl had a bit of a pickley final week in the run up to the wedding with lots of bits and bobs going a bit wrong. Then on the day itself this streak of hiccups climaxed in Joanna's nephew splitting his head open in the morning. Crums. Luckily the Children's Hospital sorted him out in time for everyone to attend the Maynard as planned - phew. Thankfully that ended the catalogue of scrapes and shenanigans.

A few of my favourite things:
1) Bonny. I love dogs. I want one. A lot. And I LOVED that Bonny, (Joanna's other beloved), attended the whole day - in her colour coordinated collar and lead no less. More dogs at weddings I say - they are part of the family after all.

2) Getting out into the peaks. We scampered off to Surprise View for some couple portraits and the skies were lovely. It's been a while since I've done a wedding that's not been freezing or raining so it was a welcome promise of spring and summer weather (well hopefully). They received a lot of honks and cheers from passing cars as Joanna scamped across the rocks in her heels - fearless.

3) Size. It was a small wedding with 40ish guests which gave a relaxed intimate atmosphere to the day and was very enjoyable to be around.

Onto the highlights ...

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