Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hugh and Zoe | The Wedding

I remember when Hugh (an old friend) first brought round his new beau Zoe (a new friend) to meet me and Mr Me - back when they were on the cusp of being a couple. From this first meeting both The Beard and I had an inkling that this day would be on the cards - it was in the air - obvious from the outset. And so it was to be - an engagement sprang forth last Autumn - and together we plotted and hatched over various things wedding. To reflect the bookishness of both H&Z we folded much paper into flower decorations (instructions here for those who expressed an interest) and made paper bunting out of Shakespeare plays, a Marriage of Figaro manuscript, old maps and Winnie The Pooh illustrations. 

And then it did arrive, the actual time for celebratory shenanigans. It started the night before - as parents greeted ushers who greeted siblings who greeted ushers wives who all greeted the pre-bride and groom with a hearty hello and how do you do. Food, tea and tales of re-potting Zoe were shared and everyone was in fine fettle.

Festivities continued the next lunchtime as friends and family from far and wide gathered expectantly in the church. The men were dressed in old and new Munro family tartan, thistles adorning their buttonholes and converse on their feet. A hush fell for an elegant Zoe in her mama-made dress, carrying more glorious thistlage (from those wonderful folk at Swallows and Damsons), and made her entrance to catch eyes with a teary Hugh. Vows were exchanged, rings were just about squeezed onto fingers and the couple set off to put monikas to paper (and to seal it all with a high-five to make it super-official). Ripples of laughter drifted through to the signing area as a bearded pickle hijacked the projector screen with cheeky messages about Brian's embarrassing shoes and the best man's checkered past.

We all piled outside as hugs were shared, family line-ups were captured and a finely-timed break in the heavy showers meant that a delightful spot of sunshine was enjoyed. Most made it back inside before the impending downpour poured down (those who got stuck behind the bottleneck developed a new-found appreciation for hand-driers). And so an afternoon of canapes, acoustic sets and nattering got underway - sprinkled with an unexpected first dance due to popular demand.

Speeches were spoken, after Gran-made shortbread hearts were devoured. Loving tales of the favourite eldest daughter were shared, thank-you's were celebrated with high-fives and twirling girls, a cacophony of Hugh-isms were introduced to the room, plus many a mention of reading Lemony Snickett aloud together (with voices). A rather splendid round of the Hugh-song game was collectively played ("All I want for Christmas is Hugh" etc) topped off with some Zoe-esque BananaArt, Hugh facing his custard-eating-phobia, and their first public display of oral hygiene.

Under a canopy of arms, the couple raced towards the Cooper-mobile to be whisked away to their hotel, where they leapt atop stone staircases, unpacked their honeymoon reading material, and got all tuckered out in the grand hall.

It was indeed a grand day out to celebrate two people very excited to be together. We salute you both.

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2012