Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Anna and Greg | The Wedding

Welcome to the wedding of Anna and Greg

A few of my favourite things:
Rainbow Golf Umbrellas! Apparently these weren't as easy to track down as they might seem, but adding a rainbow of colour to the line-ups was really quite pleasing especially with brooding skies sitting in the background (but thankfully holding their precipitation until we were all safely tucked inside).

Watching the reactions of various Sheffielders at having to sit on the Bramall Lane table.

Anna and Greg themselves - they are both incredibly sweet and generous people who treated me with much kindness when they knew I was feeling a bit poorly. I loved seeing Anna's face shed a tear one moment then break into the biggest beam of a smile the next, and hearing Greg's heartfelt speech. 

I would also like to submit this wedding as further evidence that the flat-cap and waistcoat is a good look.

On to the highlights...

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2012


  1. Gorgeous Kate! You are an artist :-)

  2. Beautiful Day - Great pictures to show for it!!!