Friday, 8 October 2010

Amy and Dan's Leicestershire Wedding

Wedding the Third - not for Amy and Dan - for me. 

Amy's sister used to houseshare with my husband, and she introduced us over email when Amy was looking for a photographer for her August wedding. Never have I been so daunted as on hearing 'yeah neither of us ever really like photos of us'. No pressure then. 

So we met up and did a pre-shoot in the Yorkshire sculpture park where Dan had proposed (which I will post up in a few weeks) and I heard all about the gorgeous farmhouse wedding being planned.

August promised another rainy day. August managed better. Hurrah! 

A few of my favourite things from the day:

1) Diverting from the mornings timetable to dig out Amy's parents wedding photos before getting ready. It was a lovely spontaneous idea and Amy's Dad even dug out his rather fetching pink wedding tie. There should be more floral pink tie/stipey green t-shirt combos. 

2) The shoes. I feel like such a girl saying that. But what can I say, I really loved the shoes and how they went with the fishtail dress and the 50's elegance of Amy's hair.

3) DIY touches. There were quite a few but my favourites were Amy's homemade bunting hanging over the cobbled avenue, and Amy's mum's homemade jam for favours. I had some on my toast this morning. 

4) The dancing. Oh Boy. Sometimes weddings involve dragging people reluctantly onto an empty dancefloor while they obligingly sway about before sitting down again. Not here. Not by a long shot. Some priceless moves - some glorious singing - a night well and truly danced away.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2010


  1. I cannot complement you enough on our photos Kate. They are truly beautiful and are better than we could have dreamed of.

    You capture the spirit of our day perfectly and have convinced a couple that the right person with a camera can even make us like photos of ourselves.

    Mr & Mrs De-Balsi

  2. Hurrah! So so glad that you like them ... and given your obvious 'photogenic-ness' I'm pleased to report it wasn't at all as tricky as I had once expected.

    Oodles of congratulations.


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