Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sheffield Magistrates Marvellous Guild of Moustached Gentlemen

Meet Hugh. Twice in his life he has grown a moustache. Both times have been for my birthday. I am indeed honoured and blessed.

But two brief birthday-based moustache outings have not been enough for him, no indeed. Alongside his esteemed work colleagues at the Magistrates court, Hugh has joined together with a band of merry men across the globe to sprout sponsored facial hair for the month of November (Movember, if you will). And so The Sheffield Magistrates Marvellous Guild of Moustached Gentlemen is born - albeit minus the moustaches since it is only October.

Each Marvellous Man will begin November clean shaven only to sit back and watch as the majesty of nature unfolds her beauty onto the upper lip of each stately Gent.

To spruce up their JustGiving page, Hugh popped over for a quick photoshoot using an array of fake tashes. We plotted and hatched photographic plans for the real tashes once they venture forth from their subterranean  be-lipped enclave. I can almost taste your anticipation and delight.

So should you fancy giving, not only to raise money for the stirling work of Amnesty International UK, but to also raise the general chap-esque tone of Sheffield Magistrates Court, then your generosity need only be one click away.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2010

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