Friday, 15 August 2014

Elise and Nick | Bump Portrait

I met Elise and Nick a year ago at Barnes fair in London. We bonded over me overhearing Nick saying "bottom - heehee" which outed him as a fellow Wittertainee to my trained ear. (Wittertainee is a listener to Kermode and Mayo's film review on Radio 5 -- and "bottom" was a running gag when despicable me 2 was in cinemas.)

Anyway - somehow they kept my card and asked if I could come and capture Elise's bump a month before the due date. I happened to be in London that weekend for a wedding so we headed over to Richmond Park as the sun was setting to scamp about. 

I do love a pregnant belly - they look marvellous - full of a whole new future.

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014


  1. We love these! Can't wait to see the rest x

  2. Amazing photos :-) I can't wait to see the baby :-)