Monday, 12 September 2011

Heather and Rich | The Wedding

Welcome to the wonderful hand-crafted wedding of Heather and Rich. The first time I've been entertained by some Italian Opera

A few of my favourite things 

The Imagination. I loved going round Heathers house in the run up to the wedding and seeing all the imaginative bits and pieces she was crafting, scheming and making for the big day - all themed around the post-war era. Not only the lamps, ration book orders of service, posters, invites, and other venue bits and bobs - but also her dress - which in a moment of inspiration made it from a draped sheet prototype into a gloriously glamorous halter neck number. (Although at this point I should give a mention to Margaret for all her hard work in the dress-making process. Well done Margaret!).

Portrait Time. After a sleepy start (poor Heather didn't really sleep the night before) we managed to get going and have a good giggle with this. And the timing allowed for a good long time with perfect dusk light. 

The Evening. What a grand idea to have a cabaret evening - some great acts - and it was only afterwards that I even realised there hadn't been any dancing. A particular highlight was Colin, unassuming father of the groom, with his highly entertaining drumming showcase. Delightful.

Many Congrats - and on to the photos.

(Oh and to continue the musical theme that appears to have started - how about accompanying this post with forties/noughties mixup by the wonderful Puppini Sisters.)

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