Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Abby and Ian | The Wedding

The day was a Friday. All week I had to tell myself to remember that - that this wedding belonged to the end of this week, not the start of next. Thankfully recurring dreams of forgetting to turn up didn't come to pass and I trotted off to The Maynard in Grindleford on the right day.

I was there to capture the wedding of Abby and Ian who I had met via our mutual friend Hugh in a disastrous attempt at Showroom Film Quizzing. (Honestly, film buff's in Sheffield, try this quiz, it's so hard it'll make you doubt you've ever seen a single film).

I arrived just in time to see the groom and his best man swooning over the car that had brought him to the venue. When planning a wedding it's always useful to have a friend with a classic car. I did my own version of car swooning, crouching down to see the curves and badges. (I still maintain the lesson I learnt as a child when justifying my petite size, that little is best for seeing things - then: chrysalises under windowsills, now: classic cars).

While they continued to stand in awe, I took off to find the girls getting ready, in a gorgeously non-bland hotel room. Preparations were well under way as the room battled with hair that didn't want to curl and a dodgy zip. Finally, primped, preened and looking lovely we made our way over to the ballroom.

I do like a good wood panel, and there were plenty to be seen as Abby and Ian made their vows. We were treated to a lesson on the history of women's rights (that in a marriage women previously only owned the marriage certificate), and they paraded their beaming faces out to a cheer.

Rain taunted us in a Manchester sort of way: always there in the air, just sometimes not as much. Luckily we snuck up on it when it wasn't looking and managed to get outside for some family photos and confetti, aided by some stalwart umbrella holders and people gatherers (Good Job Hugh and Lisa, gold badges for you).

Then back upstairs for some excellent food where I made two new friends, the daughters of the best man, and I delighted in their energy and stories. A sterling speech was delivered by the groom, where he expertly spun witty stories about their key people (although I am assured the mother in law can actually cook). He deflected attention onto engagements and birthdays going on in the room, encouraging them to take a bow, and highlighting the creative wedding helpers (including me rather surprising, just as I was mid windowsill-clamber). The best man followed with a few cards from unexpected well wishers, and between them they had the room giggling with glee.

And then onto the evening. There were a few more endearing encounters with my two young friends until they waved their goodbyes before being ushered in to the dancing. The groom and his family were especially engaged if my memory holds - some bold moves thrown with gusto. 

Congratulations Mr and Mrs. A job well done. 

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2012

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