Thursday, 5 July 2012

Chris and Rachel | The Wedding

Wow. Four weeks have passed - filled with shoots and moves and sneezes. 

It is good to have space now to sit and blog Rachel and Chris, who wed four weeks ago in the midst of torrential rain. By Gum did it pour - and so I discovered the resourcefulness of being able to shove the handle of an umbrella into my coat - freeing hands and protecting camera for a few shots between church and car. But it did not stop Rachel from rising above the droplets and declaring early on - it doesn't matter it it rains - I'm getting married today. Quite right. And she did.

A brief review of my favourite things (as I'm keen to get this up and posted):

Hearing all about Chris during the speeches was quite a delight - he is - it seems - quite the character. Stories were not held back.

Relationships (again!), the affection flowing back and forth between family groups, committed friendships, the couple together and individually with others - it was lovely to watch.

The theme of growth as evidenced in the little touches: plants as gifts to bridesmaids, seed paper for place names, wheat and lavender on the tables.

A couple of conversations - one budding photographer asked me the best question I've ever been asked which was "what do you not like about the job". Woo! In all things there is both light and dark - contradictory polar opposites that we must find room for in the whole - so being asked about the dark was like a soothing balm.

Anyway - enough faffing - on with the highlights ...

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  1. THey are brilliant photos you look so happy rachel, you both look like you had such an amazing time. Congratulation to both of you love fay xxxx