Monday, 19 November 2012

Gemma and Jo | The Wedding

Welcome to the wedding of Gemma and Jo. 

They wed in the large warehouse church that is St Thomas's Philadelphia, and partied in Millennium Galleries. Both spaces provided their own version of blank canvas - one backed with black drapes and atmospheric lighting to create a cocoon in which to hold the gravity of the vows, but where relationship and family informality could dress the space with dancing children and lessons by Basil Faulty. The other a white open gallery space, where colour could reflect and dance among the laughter and celebrations, backdropped by dark views of a city at rest.

I loved the welcome of Gemma and Jo - and felt easily able to slip among their day and feel at ease in their company. I enjoyed hearing their stories, both those presented in speeches and those told around the table. I enjoyed seeing them move interchangeable between natural family and urban family, seemingly held very well by both, and holding each close too.

All the best to you both. 

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2012


  1. Hi Kate,
    It's wonderful to see the pictures from Gemma & Jos fabulous wedding, you've captured it beautifully. These are amazing!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks. The venue really is wonderful.
    And your team all did a grand job - especially at the end when I'd lost things!