Thursday, 15 August 2013

Katie and Dax | The Wedding

Last Sunday was the wedding of Katie (with dimples you could swim in) and Dax (with hair as light as the Milky Bar kids), out at the Peak Edge Hotel near Matlock.

They were a delight to spend the day with - full of cheeky charm and beaming faces - well - all smiles except for the bit walking down the aisle when Katie burst into tears almost straight away. She gets that from her mum! Everyone was in fine fettle and there was much jollification. A few notable details:

Kevin the Cow: Kevin was smuggled up the aisle hidden in Katie's garter, and later hung out in Dax's pocket, before sneaking into the bouquet and making off with a small bouquet of his own. I do love a bit of silliness - it normalises my own penchant for sticking googly eyes on things and anthropomorphising inanimate objects.

The details: Katie and Katie's mum worked so hard getting all the finishing touches together, and their hard work really paid off. The skeleton bay leaves on top of the cake were originally in Katie's mum's wedding bouquet, which Katie's gran snuck into a book to press without telling anyone. Sneaky. And lovely.

The couple time: to say these two both warned me that they hated having their photo taken and were really un-photogenic (er, really?!), I had such a lovely time squirrelling them off to do the couple shots. They were both so relaxed and happy, and looking lovely. Him Indoors has suit and shoe envy of Dax's outfit.

Congratulations you lovely folk.

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