Friday, 1 November 2013

Sam's Zombie 40th | Party

Today seems an opportune moment to catch up on blogging a zombie party that happened in the summer to celebrate chum Sam's 40th year as the undead. So no, this wasn't my Halloween last night, but there was something delicious about dressing up as a zombie in the middle of the summer when other members of the public were not expecting such shenanigans. Never have I wanted to be pulled over by the police more, just so that I could stare at them with my zombie eyes and say 'uuuuuugh' to all their questions (alas, it didn't happen). 

A highlight of the evening came when we realised the pub we were in sat just opposite Buxton Opera House, and that the genteel audience of that nights Gilbert and Sullivan would all be exiting soon. So, yes, we did in fact zombie flash mob the dears as they left the theatre, walking amongst them dragging our feet, staring them down and groaning as we went. Alas, they didn't seem too scared, generally saying "oh how WONDERFUL!" "who are you all?!" and "I want to join in!". Not what I was expecting from middle-aged opera-going women. I guess they thought we were some sort of performance art troupe, rather than a genuine zombie apocalypse. Must try harder next time.

Oh and how good is Helen's brain cake!! Amazing baking skills. You don't see that on Great British Bake-off.

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