Monday 10 March 2014

Damien and Luce | The Wedding

Welcome to the wedding of Damien and Lucy, whose twelve year relationship was celebrated in glamorous 50's style at Swancar Farm Nottingham. It was quite a day.

A few of my favourite things

I do love 50's style dresses and make-up, there is something so wonderfully playful about how it transforms. I love photographing women dressed this way and I love how it makes a wedding pop with sophisticated fun.

Damien made a music video of a specially composed song tracking their relationship and interspersed with photos from throughout the years. People were laughing all the way through, and I counted at least ten women wiping their eyes at the end. Good skills Mr Hull.

The first dance was something to behold. It started with your standard stand and sway ballad, which, if I'm honest, surprised me. But I should have known .. it wasn't long before the track ripped into the twist contest from Pulp Fiction and Damien and Luce showed off their moves. In fact the dance was a whole mix of tracks and dance moves, expertly delivered, and ending with a floor-filling twist. That must have taken some planning - but well worth it. Not to be outdone, there were also some choice moves being thrown around by guests as the evening progressed. Nutters.

Right, onto photos...

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014

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