Friday, 25 April 2014

Hayley and Paul | The Wedding

Hayley and Paul got married at the Maynard in Grindleford - the weather was not obliging but thankfully the Maynard has lots of character indoors - always useful for a springtime wedding in England.

People express their emotions in different ways - some go quiet, some get tense - well it seems that Hayley laughs. Watching her set off Paul in many rounds of giggling during the ceremony was very enjoyable to watch and set a great tone for the day. Everyone seemed very chipper and quick to have fun. Some close up magic during drinks and canapes (by Craig's Magic) added to the atmosphere of laughter and merriment, which carried on during the meal as different tables created different varieties of fun (including an entertaining game of throw the sweet wrapper down the top!).

It was a lovely day to be a part of and a lovely couple to celebrate. All the best you two (well, three if we include dogs, which we must and should).

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014

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