Thursday, 5 February 2015

Mel and Mike | Wedding

New Years Eve feels like forever ago now -- with its Christmas baubles and snow (ok, so some things do stay the same). But this was the day that Mel and Mike got married at The Maynard in Grindelford.

A few of my favourite things.

Snow.  Just the week before Mel and I had been conspiring about how the ideal weather would be a smattering of snow left over from a few days before so travel wouldn't be affected - and wouldn't you know, but that's what we got. I love how the light changes when the ground is covered in a sheet of white .. and with the light and dark outfits of the  bride in white and a groom in black it made for quite a striking backdrop.

I do love how differently kids can interact with the camera ... often there is no shyness, they can have a tendency to look into the lens while keeping a freedom of expression that us adults can stifle in ourselves. There was plenty of this freedom to be found.

Modern technology. An ipad enabled an absent cousin to show up to the party, chat to family and see the brides dress in all its glory (and reluctantly make it into the photos :) ).

It was a beautiful day with a lot of thoughtful attention to detail. Mel - you did yourself proud!

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2014

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