Monday, 7 September 2015

Kitty and Lucy | Wedding

I met Kitty and Lucy in their kitchen back in the depths of winter and we chatted about their August wedding, with plans of a big game of rounders in the sunshine followed by an outdoor BBQ. We dreamt of the great British summer pulling out the stops. Well Bah. It rained. But luckily The Edge had pool tables, there was still the cat treasure hunt, and everyone adhered to the rainbow dress code with aplomb so there was plenty to keep people entertained.

The day started in St Paul's hotel bar as close friends and family met for a pre-ceremony drink and we got to see the first of the outfit efforts. Then we walked through the Sheffield Beach to get to the City Hall. Breaking with convention we did the big group shot and couple shots before the ceremony and the City Hall staff let us use the stage. Then on to the ceremony in a wood paneled room off the bar (there are so many hidden gems in this building). Lucy's niece was keen to take part, taking hold of Kitty and Lucy's hands as they stood in front of the registrar. She was led to her mum before the actual vows - I think 3 is probably too young to tie the knot. We exited into the yellow and blue bar where the pillars set the scene for some toasts and drinks before the pool tables beckoned at The Edge.

I loved all the various ways that people incorporated rainbows into their outfits. Kitty and Lucy gave permission for subtlety to tacky exhibitionism so people were able to interpret the code however they liked .. including feathered wings and the inside of cakes.

The highlight for me was the band that Kitty got together from members of other bands she'd been in throughout the years. The seven of them donned rainbow ties, performing under the name "The Rainbow Warriors" and belted out soul and disco classic after classic. I stayed late to capture the dancing and singing and I'm so glad I did -- I had the tunes in my head and a smile on my face for days. These guys should definitely get this band back together - and invite me to their gigs. Pretty please?!

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