Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Abi and Joe | The Wedding

I met up with Abi and her mum just a few days before the wedding and instantly liked them a lot - there was much giggling, banter and teasing and I knew that this would be a good wedding.

Abi was a make-up liability as she managed to make all her bridesmaids well-up when giving them the first glimpse of her in her dress.

I love ginger/auburn/strawberry blonde hair in photos ... and this wedding was a treat with a higher than average ginger contingent. Luckily the time of year meant that there was no chance of burning in the sun, but we were all very surprised and grateful that the sun did make an appearance casting a gorgeous afternoon glow over proceedings.

I got the treat of seeing a previous wedding couple of mine, Amy and Andy, in full bloom of pre-parenthood. It's always lovely seeing snapshots of people's lives after their wedding day and watching futures unfold.

Anyway -- on to photos.

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2015

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