Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ruth Anna and Philip | Wedding

Back on a crisp winter's day in January I drove down to London to let my cameras witness the wedding of Ruth Anna and Philip. I'd met Ruth Anna when she was a bridesmaid a another crisp winter wedding and she'd invited me to dance a ceilidh with her. Being asked to dance by someone who wasn't a drunk uncle stuck in my memory so I knew exactly who she was when the email came through.

Both my cameras and I loved the two venues ... St Anne's, Limehouse and the Octagonal of Queen Mary's University. Both had a sense of grandeur, one in a run-down listed sort of way, and the other by being lined to the rafters with books upon books. 

The day itself was very laid-back, aided by a couple of naughty uncles and impish cousins, some guest bingo, but also by a sense of ease from these two themselves and all the help given by family and friends. 

Instead of a first dance Ruth Anna and Philip did a first piano duet before letting others take over at the piano for the evening's entertainment. We were all a bit over-awed by Ruth Anna's young cousin playing Liztzs Hungarian Rhapsody from memory (which I grew up watching repeatedly on a Tom and Jerry VHS).

Anyway, on to the important stuff .....

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  1. Stunning photographs.....I felt as if I were there. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful photographs. So well taken; captures all of you in your natural beautiful selves. Beautiful wedding I echo the " I felt as if I were there". Most handsome couple I have seen.

  3. Beautiful photographs!

  4. What a lovely wedding! The couple look very happy together. May God bless them with a long and happy married life.