Saturday, 16 July 2011

Doug and Naomi - The Wedding

Another bright Saturday morning ushering in another wedding involving another trip to Whirlow Hall Farm. But this time it was the day that the warehouse gadders finally got to get married - after a lot of waiting (for final year medical exams to pass), a lot of last minute prepping (after final year medical exams were passed, hooray!), and a lot of anticipation.

Some of my favourite things:

1. The Vicar. Any vicar that dons an ecclesiastical robe atop cowboy boots, buddy holly specs, a 50's quiff and ear-piercings deserves some sort of badge (perhaps one that says, "My God rides a Harley"). His service was pretty nice too - including a most exuberant "peace" in which guests were hugging, bumping fists and generally jollying about.

2. The Kiss. Apparently this was not totally planned. Doug was going to "judge the room", and the size of the dress, to see whether this would be appropriate. It was, it is, and I still love it, as did most of the guests if post service conversation is anything to go by. (Plus, 'Strictly' fans, doesn't he have good ballroom lines!!)

3. The Speeches. If you scroll down to the triptych of Doug and Nay during the speeches - this is when best man Simon was relaying what sort of woman Doug thought he might be, should he have been one. Guests will know what I mean.

4. The Family. My role in this wedding came about because Doug is cousin to Pete in my wedding no. 2. There were lots of the same family members there (including my favourite bearded scotsman!). Some I'd met last year, some introduced themselves offering lots of encouragement; it was lovely chatting to them, conspiring with them and generally feeling a very welcomed part of things. 

Congratulations! And now for some photographic highlights ...

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2011

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  1. Amazing photos, from cousin of Doug and sister of Pete!