Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Terri and Dan's Barn wedding

I met with Terri and Dan almost a year ago to talk about their wedding. They told me tales of a lambing shed at Whirlow Hall Farm which, once the lambs were cleared out would be the venue for their 250+ guests. When we visited the venue, I'll admit, I couldn't quite see how they were going to transform this breezeblock working structure into a wedding venue. But they surpassed themselves. Pot plants in the courtyard, ivy draped over railings, miles and miles of bunting, hay bales - they done good.

A few of my favourite things:

1. The food. Made by Jonty and Silversmiths provided the catering, using Whirlow Hall Farm meat - and it was goood.

2. The music. Dan's playlist accompanied the daytime and the breaks between the band and frequently had me raising an eyebrow of appreciation. And the band. Well. I didn't think a guy on guitar and a girl on drums would be able to fill the room with such an energetic and eclectic mix of floor fillers .. but the moves they inspired were testament to my wrongness.

3. The atmosphere. There was a really inclusive atmosphere, amazing for a wedding of this size. You could tell that these were a close knit family  - and close knit friendship groups too - I couldn't tell which kids belonged to which parents. Everyone seemed very relaxed, very lovely, and very good at partying!

Congrats Terri and Dan. Look forward to seeing you on your return.

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  1. Looks very nice! We're hoping to marry at Whirlow Farm next summer. Nice to see how it can be done up.

  2. Yup, they did a grand job! Just make sure you get a lot of help.