Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jo and Steve | The Wedding

Welcome to the wedding that saw the tiniest barn for barn dancing I've ever seen and the first time I've been told off for trespassing. This is the wedding of elegant Jo and dead-pan Steve.

A few of my favourite things:

1. Garden fete games. Wellies were wanged, eggs were spooned, wars were tugged. A grand idea for a wedding exuberantly hosted by the the father of the groom in an excellent hat, and enhanced by universal willingness to take part, some gorgeous evening light and not a drop of rain. Although - a few ragged socks and one pair of destroyed pant-revealing trousers ensued after some slightly competitive tug of warring. Safety-pins found; lessons learned. 

2. The details. It's so sweet that Steve got the wedding he'd always hoped for, fulfilling a boyhood dream. And well done Jo for sacrificially providing all those vintage afternoon tea touches just to keep your man happy. Lots of little details carefully thought about - effort well spent. And kudos to Steve for his hand-painted Kate, Wills and corgi cut out.

3. The skies. So big. So textured. So blue. I feel almost obliged to get you to listen to little fluffy clouds by the orb as you peruse these photos. Almost.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs!

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2011


  1. Kate, these are incredible. Such depth to the photos. Don't know what you did but man it works. xx

  2. Wow, Kate, thank you so much. These photos are amazing! Love them all. Jo x