Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mark and Lizzy | The Wedding

Cut to Old Years' Night, the end of 2011, celebrated with a trip to Nottingham and the wedding of Lizzy and Mark.

I'm not always the biggest fan of New Years Eve, much preferring a quiet night and large helpings of pancakes on New Years Day instead. So I was actually quite delighted to duck out of the dilemma of what to do by taking the opportunity to partake of someone else's double celebration - with a group of people who seemed doubly in the mood for a good time. (It did please me to return home just before midnight and hear about Dan's wild festivities of listening to a radio 3 documentary on the communication of sheep during lambing season).

So, some of my favourite things:
The relationships: I met with Lizzy and Mark back in October time, we talked wedding of course, but also talked a lot about Lizzy's new venture into setting up a photography business. It felt like a lovely connection - to both share some of the emotional processes that go on behind the scenes. I felt a gentle fondness for them both from this moment - which only increased on the day, in the quiet moments where the job of photographer and accompanier intertwine - and even more so chatting on the phone afterwards.

Leaving the church: A unusual highlight - but I realised I'd never been to a wedding where the couple exited the church to the sound of pealing bells, went straight down to their car and were waved off a by a crowd of their nearest and dearest with no hanging around. There was such a lovely pace to the timing of it.

The church: This was the church of Lizzy's late grandparents, where family Christenings had occurred, but also, co-incidentally, where the parents of Lindsay and Amy got married. I enjoyed the sense of these different family history's that I was meeting, just for a moment, before they went off to develop in their own directions, heightened by meeting Amy's new baby at this wedding.

The atmosphere: Helped no doubt by New Year's Eve and that people were staying in the reception hotel so didn't have to think about leaving; there was a sense that everyone was very much present to being there and having a good time. It was lovely to participate in the general sense of delightedness both of Lizzy and Mark as individuals and as a couple, and seeing a commitment to relationships shining through the way these two choose to do life.

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2011


  1. Beautiful photos of what looks like a magical day.

    Tim x

  2. You are both looking very gorgeous and very happy. Lizzy love your dress! Mark love your dancing, you must show us a few more moves when you come into the office...


  3. The pictures are stunning, you both look fabulous!!! what a beautiful album!!! i hope you have a wonderful future together.
    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Woodhead!

    Michaela xx

  4. What stunning photos - capturing wondeful memories of you both on your big day. The camera angles are amazing in the church. Brilliant picture of bridesmaids' shoes and acessories! My particular favourite is you guys walking into your reception! LBW your figure looks fabulous!!!

    Joy xxxx

  5. Lovely photos of Lizzy & Mark's special day. Well done. Just wondered if you had more photos of the wedding and reception that we could look at as we couldn't spot some of the guests in the above selection? Thanks.

  6. Hi there. Lizzy and Mark have a disc with the rest of the photos if that helps - or if you wanted to email me I could see about sending some (although obviously I wont know which guests you're looking out for). All the best, Kate

  7. Hello Lizzy here, not sure who left the message but as Kate says, Mark and I have all the images on disc so drop me an email and I can send on any you'd like. Lizzy xx