Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lauren and Mike | The Wedding

I met Lauren through her sister Becky - who I know for her gentleness and unfailing warm enthusiasm. It seems this is something of a family trait

There was many a moment when I heard guest's saying "oh that's so Lauren" about this detail or that, with her own gentleness expressed through her meadow-in-a-bouquet and the delicate tea pink of her bridesmaids. But this tenderness was evident in more than the material touches, visible also in the interactions between Lauren and Mike as a couple, between family members and seeing the tone of how the bridesmaids got ready together.

Gadding about together on the moors was fun - a very willing Lauren had packed the wellies - these two seemed quite at home in this environment. It was interesting to see how wearing wedding clothes out and about affects passers by and breaks down their English reserve.

I had fun at dinner chatting to Mike's family about quite a broad reach of existential topics - perhaps not the usual wedding conversation but I did (and do) enjoy the tussle of sitting with big questions and the mystery of not knowing the answers.

I loved the speeches - an excellent delivery by a nervous best man who surpassed himself in the moment. 

The Queen made a few choice appearances on her Jubilee weekend - an impulse purchase by the groom's brother that created a few giggles. Driving across Leeds to Ilkley Moors showed how the villages had laid out much bunting to express a country coming together. Such expressions seemed fitting for a day of families coming together in celebration too.

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