Sunday, 2 February 2014

Amy and Nick | The Wedding

The marvelous winter wedding of Amy and Nick took place just before Christmas at Ringwood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield. There's something wonderful about weddings on a crisp winters day, with winter light gracing the outdoors and twinkly lights providing the atmosphere inside. This proved to be exactly one of those days. 

A few of my favourite things about Amy and Nick's day ...

Torturing the groom (you know, in a nice way). I had been warned WELL in advance that Nick did not like having his photo taken, or being in any photos for that matter; something of an issue on your wedding day. I had witnessed this first hand when he was an usher at another wedding I photographed, so I knew it would be a mission for him to let me near with the camera. Lucking on the day, this made for some very enjoyable banter which is always pleasing and ultimately he did amazingly well being papped by me all day long. In the end I think he rather liked it ;), though he certainly put my ninja credentials to the test - somehow always knowing where in the room I was. Hopefully the results aren't too awful eh Nick?

The reception room at Ringwood Hall Hotel was incredible. Amy had worked hard pulling together lots of touches for the tables (including plenty of nods to cricket, all hail cricket), and the staff also did a wonderful job with the Christmas decorations. Put together this made for a very festive twinkly atmosphere -- winter at its best.

The mischievous air in the room. There were plenty of high spirits from a couple of corners of the room which came in the form of pranks (including the theft of the grooms speech), cheeky date night suggestions (which I couldn't possibly repeat here), the occasional dare and even the singing of a rather fruity cricket song after I had left (or so I was told). I was only involved in one of these four. Promise.

Anyway, all the best you two, on to some photo highlights ...

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