Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tomo and Abi | The Wedding

Right then, the wedding of Tomo and Abi from way back in the New Year, before a string of winter viruses made my productivity levels drop to a ridiculously slow pace ... so it's very good to be able to get this up now.

A few of my favourite things:
1. There was a great sense of community at this wedding, lots of friends from various parts of life offering a backdrop of fun and silliness but also long-term commitment, love and support. It's always a pleasure to watch this in action

2. Some rather magnificent mini people sat at my table at the reception. We joined forces and had our own party under the table, having a good old giggle whilst tying their Dad's shoelaces together. Alas we never plucked up the courage to sneak under the top table to tie together Tomo's shoelaces. A missed opportunity

3. The dancing was quite the energetic affair, great fun to watch, and the banquet hall of the Royal Victoria was a great space to absorb the many stomping feet of exuberant ceilidhing.

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