Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Travel | Prague

A weeks holiday scamping about in Prague has meant a wee interlude from doing editing jobs (although ... argh! on getting back ALL the jobs are still waiting for me to catch up with them. Drat).

I took the camera all the same and whiled away some of my time collecting images for montages. I like compiling these -- walking around gathering the raw ingredients of details that catch my eye, and then spending time processing and arranging them into themes. It changes the way I observe the world and means I take in a lot more of my surroundings.

A couple from the last week then ...

So much of Prague is painted yellow, green and pink. A frequent Prague visitor said this was done in 1992 to revitalise the place after the end of communism in 1989. Apparently when the paint was fresh the place looked like Disneyland -- it still has something of the icecream cone about it.

It's been done before, but on first walking around Prague I was struck by the variety and grandeur of the doors and thankfully managed to collect 16 for montage purposes.

I always joked that if I went up the Eiffel tower I wouldn't take photos of the tower or the views but instead would photograph all the bolts and metalwork. Well Prague built a replica called the Petrin Tower - so I nabbed my chance even though I only had my phone with me that day.

And now that the pictures have been processed the holiday is properly over ... time to get back to the to-do list.

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