Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nick and Val | Wedding


I have new received a "Wedding Essentials" set of guidelines courtesy of Val and Nick's wedding extravaganza. From now on all weddings need:
  • at least one mohican (can be worn down if required)
  • a Freddie Mercury tribute act during the signing of the register
  • torrential rain
  • instructions to bring wellies, picnic blankets, warm clothes
  • a wedding breakfast of disposable cook-your-own BBQ kits
  • an evening of open mike entertainment ... preferably including an age inappropriate tribute act of Flight of The Concord's "It's Business Time" sung to a audience of small children
  • a balloon animals act (otherwise Tom Hanks wont turn up)
  • both bride and groom conforming to non-conformist middle child syndrome
Honestly. It works an absolute treat.

Congratulations Val and Nick - it was a delight to be at your wedding extravaganza and take pictures in amongst catching up with old friends :). Can we do it again please? 

All images ©KateCooperPhotography2016


  1. ohhhh……….. you both look marvelous together, really amazing.
    So bold and hard.
    Hope you had so much fun.
    Loved the image as well.


  2. Just gorgeous pics! So much happiness captured through a lens. Really fantastic.

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  4. Awwee. This is so lovely. Great photos! :)
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