Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pippa and Sijo | Wedding

Oh boy - this wedding - pure joy.

Pippa and Sijo's day was packed to the rafters full of laughter, tears, colour, vibrancy and dancing - oh so much dancing (down the aisle, before dinner, after dinner before the evening itself - the energy!).

They fused so many Indian touches - many of which had been keep completely secret until the day itself. Bridesmaids and a handful of guests wore sari's, all the more to bring a bit of Sijo's home to proceedings given that his family couldn't be there themselves. All this fused with full on Sheffieldy Sheffieldness with photos at the Botanical Gardens and the reception at Kelham Island Industrial Museum.

All this vibrancy seems to be a true reflection of these two humans - they an an absolute joy to be around and made my job so easy with emotion pouring out of their faces and the bonds of love between family and community being so evident wherever I turned.

 All images ©KateCooperPhotography2017


  1. This is Heavenly... Purely God's hands in this marriage... God bless.. Love you guys

  2. Wow! This wedding ceremony makes me crazy, I'm totally blushing to see this awesome wedding photography Stey bless my eyes totally stuck to see this awesome great venue :)

  3. On wedding day, I had a complimentary attendant, who was helpful in getting my husband and myself champagne, and she also made sure that we were eating. I gave my heartfelt appreciation to the staff at NYC wedding venues for their tremendous effort in making our day the most special day of our lives.