Sunday, 1 June 2014

Family Heath | Portrait Shoot Winners

Last Autumn I ran a facebook free portrait shoot competition. The winners were the Heath family but what with weddings, weather and wintriness we only just found a good time to get it done. I met Stephen at a wedding a couple of years ago where he was providing the early evening entertainment belting out some classic numbers that had plenty of people on their feet singing along.

It was lovely to meet his family and go for a walk in the woods. His eldest daughter was just like all 2-3 year olds I've done portaits with ... determined to be herself and knowing of exactly what she did and didn't want to do. It's good to remember at these moments to let the child lead - too much pre determined expectation doesn't tend to get results - so we 'kept walking' as that's what she wanted to do, and shot around that.

I'll be setting up another free shoot on facebook in the coming weeks - keep your eyes peeled.

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