Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Thinks Photo 100 | Week 1

This summer I am taking part in a photo a day project hosted by The Thinks. Han has created a list of 100 words and the idea is to take a photo each day that corresponds with that days word. The project ran last year and I enjoyed watching from afar and seeing how people of all nationalities ages and abilities interpreted the word in their context. At that point I didn't have a camera phone and couldn't bear the idea of trying to get my DSLR to talk to my computer every single day (they have something of a strained relationship). But this year - phone (and sometimes DSLR) in hand - I have decided to have a go. It's not too late to join in either - the more the merrier - you'll find the list of words on the facebook page and can post pics there and on instagram -- or you can just observe and enjoy peoples creativity.

Each week I'll blog what I've come up with for the last seven days. Here is week one - in which I end up finding a new hobby ...

Day 1/100 Hope There is hope in the complete Sherlock Holmes.

Day 2/100 Red

Day 3/100 Bird (not a real bird in sight, had to make do).

Day 4/100 Behind me. I used to play all the time. Hardly ever now.

Day 5/100 Mixture. A mixture of 'mix-tapes' from the myriad muso men in my life.

Day 6/100 Sport I like snails. I like slugs. But which one's better? Only one way to find out...

Day 7/100 There Will Be Blood Things take a darker turn in the slugs v snails saga.
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